A future for our children and grandchildren, whose medical care is governed and guided by health and not disease: Safe cell treatments and regenerative therapies that heal and save lives; humane and accessible to everyone. We have dedicated ourselves to the regenerative medicine – ethical, responsible, visionary and passionate!


Kugelmeiers contributes to and provides accessibility to regenerative medicine, believing it to be a potential for future medical therapies that everyone should have access to. We developed as a result of 18 years of research and dedication in the field of transplant surgery, cell therapy and developmental biology, a technology and ecosystems allowing us to make an impact on islet, liver and many other cell therapies that rely on 3D spheroids that need a medical quality platform.
Our company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich in Switzerland.


Our aspirations, ethics and principles enable us to navigate our journey

Ethics: We believe that ethics is fundamental to life. It is our ethics and values that
guide our decisions. It is our decisions that shape our future. We want it to be worth living.

Safety: Only with safety, regenerative medicine can become a clinical standard.
Safety emerges when every action is taken to serve life. It is more than a rule. It is a culture.

Humanity: We deeply believe that the quest for meaning and a fulfilled life is leading to humanity. This is the ground for sustainability and successful development.

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